Thoughts on Watching TV / by Garrek Stemo

We published an article on the relationship between health and TV back in August of this year. The main claim of that article was that sitting and being inactive, rather than watching TV itself, is harmful to a person's health. I think I would agree with that. By sitting in front of the television, you are not going outside, moving your body, and talking to other people. Watching TV is mostly a solitary and sedentary activity.

Here is a long article in the magazine Scientific American discussing how TV is and is not harmful to the brain. The article says that it is difficult to separate TV watching from a person's DNA. In other words it is difficult to know if TV affects a person's health, or if the cause is more the person's DNA.

What are your thoughts on TV? Do you limit the time you or your children watch TV? Let us know in the comments below!