About us

Holly Kenko アンチエイジングセンターは、「科学的エビデンスに基づいたアンチエイジングに関する情報をわかりやすく提供する」をモットーに、抗加齢学会専門医(アンチエイジング専門医)が記事を書いております。栄養士、フィットネストレーナーからも時々記事をいただき、いずれかの記事を掲載しております。


The mission of Holly Kenko is to provide evidence-based insights on health and living better. Run by an accomplished medical doctor, articles report on cutting-edge medical research and discuss how it can impact your life. We make sure none of our articles promote hype or fake news and we always provide evidence and sources for the information we provide.

Our new English Column provides meaningful thoughts on medical issues from Holly Kenko's editor specifically for learners of English. These short entries encourage you to practice your English by contributing to the comments section below each article, while giving you the vocabulary and knowledge you need to have intelligent conversation about medical and health-related news with native speakers.